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Restore your breasts, reclaim your body.

Breast reconstruction is an important part of recovery from breast cancer for many women. Restoring the breast can help maintain a balanced appearance and a positive body image, both of which foster self-confidence and emotional wellbeing.

Types of Breast Reconstruction

There are many ways to recreate a beautiful and natural-appearing breast. The right operation is jointly chosen by a woman and her plastic surgeon, considering her body and overall health, treatments that she may require for her cancer, and her goals and preferences.

Implants | DIEP Flap | SIEA Flap | TUG FlapLatissimus FlapPartial Breast Reconstruction

Stages of Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction often requires multiple stages to achieve the best result. While the first stage is usually performed at the time of the mastectomy, subsequent operations can be planned to enhance the result, balance the opposite breast, and recreate the nipple if needed.

Preparing for Your Consultation

The consultation is an opportunity for you to make a connection with your plastic surgeon and get comfortable with the process. Your surgeon will learn more about you and your goals for reconstruction. He or she will explain the different types of breast reconstruction and help you choose the best option for you.

“Special thanks to my Number 1 doctor! It is quite amazing what you have done for me and what you do for so many others. I have a new understanding and appreciation of the importance of plastic surgery. It is not just about physical reconstruction – it is so much more about mental well-being.”

About DAVinci Plastic Surgery

Dr. Pinell and Dr. Davison combine experience, skill, and artistry with compassion and dedication to give each patient a beautiful result and a positive experience.

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About Dr. Ximena Pinell

Though her practice encompasses aesthetic and reconstructive procedures of the breast and body, Dr. Pinell’s passion lies in breast reconstruction. She offers the full spectrum of reconstructive techniques and takes time with her patients to identify the best option for each woman.

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Headshot of Dr. Davison

About Dr. Steven P. Davison

Dr. Davison has vast experience in many areas of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, but his expertise in and dedication to breast reconstruction are extraordinary. He has a special interest in microsurgical breast reconstruction and revision breast surgery.

Before & After Model

Before and After Results

See real-life examples of beautiful and natural-appearing reconstructed breasts.

Before and After Results

See real-life examples of beautiful and natural-appearing reconstructed breasts.

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