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Confronting Breast Cancer

Posted June 29, 2020 in Breast Cancer

Confronting breast cancer is always difficult and frequently complicated. Learning about what’s ahead, women can be understandably overwhelmed. Surgical options, adjuvant therapies, chemo, radiation, hormone therapy…it is a lot to digest. Add to that breast reconstruction, a field with many and varied options, ranging from implants to autologous tissue transfer to reshaping techniques at the time of lumpectomy. Navigating that decision-making can be complex. The right option for a woman is chosen based on certain characteristics of her cancer (if she has one—some women undergo mastectomies to prevent a future cancer), treatments she may require, her anatomy and her overall health, and most importantly, her goals.
As a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast reconstruction, my role is to educate and guide my patients through this process. I do my best to be clear and comprehensive, but I recognize that those early conversations can be overwhelming. This is an expansive field! With that in mind, this website was designed to be a resource for women facing breast cancer or a genetic mutation that increases their risk of breast cancer.
If you are a woman considering breast reconstruction, I hope you find this blog helpful and look forward to meeting you in the office to find the right path forward for you.