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What Is Aesthetic Flat Closure?

Posted April 29, 2024 in Aesthetic flat closure

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Aesthetic flat closure is a type of reconstruction following a mastectomy that gives women a flat contour to the chest.

Many women will opt against the recreation of the breast using an implant or natural tissue and choose a flat closure instead. That does not mean that the look of their chest is not important to them. Part of a person’s recovery from a breast cancer diagnosis is adjusting to their new body. Optimizing the aesthetics of whatever type of reconstruction a woman chooses will help with that adjustment.

So What Makes a Flat Closure “aesthetic”?

Attention to the overall contour, the transition to the sides of the chest, and the quality of the scars can make for a smooth and symmetric result. This usually requires evening out the subcutaneous fat and trimming loose skin. The scars are oriented in a way that allows the surgeon to best address the extra skin while also ensuring that they can be concealed in regular clothing. These techniques can be especially helpful in women who have larger breasts, as there is more skin to address.

Who Performs the Aesthetic Flat Closure?

Much like other types of breast reconstruction, aesthetic flat closure is very often performed by a plastic surgeon. This team approach allows the breast surgeon to focus on the tumor removal and completion of the mastectomy. The plastic surgeon addresses the shape of the chest and the orientation of the scars.

Coordinating an aesthetic flat closure starts with a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Davison and Dr. Pinell have guided hundreds of patients through reconstruction following a mastectomy and are experts in all types of reconstruction, including aesthetic flat closure.